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perfect combination of education, entertainment and a genuine learning experience the audience will enjoy. 

Choosing the perfect program for your school is easy. All programs can be offered as workshops, concert, Arts-in-Education, and Mentorship and use the New York State Learning Standards and the philosophy of aesthetic inquiry and education of the learning process as used by the Lincoln Center Institute. 

All lectures/demonstrations from Revels-Bey Music are less expensive and easier to organize than field trips. Revels-Bey Music programs are also important departure from "show-and-tell" demonstrations and concerts that are mostly entertainment. But can be used in that format for less formal events. 

Built on the firm foundation of exploring music as a form of communication-a form that, in fact, has a multitude of links with oral and written communication.

All programs are designed in conjunction with the Learning Standards for the Arts, (1) creating, performing and participating. (2) Knowing and using arts material and resources. (3) Responding to and analyzing works of art and (4) Understanding the cultural dimensions and contributions of the arts. The use of the aesthetic inquiry, and learning process, as developed and used by the Lincoln Center Institute is also used and incorporated showing how works of art provide an infinite resource for exploration, reflection, and understanding. The child or Adult, as one response to the work of art, and the artists choices, are used as a form of teaching and understanding the art form created. 


With an Accent on Moorish & African/Latin or Pan                                                                    
        The award winning rhythmic elements of music as they are demonstrated through the different styles from Africa, North & South America and Europe. Choose from our Latin, African of Caribbean Programs. a) Latin-Jazz: is based on Moorish history and  music from South America and Cuba such as Samba, Meringue and Cha-Cha. b) The African Program, includes Ju-ju and Mozanbique with various hand and body drums, homemade instruments including the paper. c) The Caribbean Program features the Steel pan and is inspired by music from the islands like Calypso, Reggae and Limbo. Down Load  .StudyGuide_RK.pdf, or     Steel Drums History Brief Historical Background of Steel Drums.pdf

Joy Of Jazz

  A history of Jazz Music and its social significance with examples from Ragtime, Dixieland And Swing to Rock and a taste of Rap, Latin, Brazilian and Caribbean sound

Contemporary VocalistTwo Programs to choose from (1) Jazz Side: Past eras of singing styles and how they have been incorporated on the years the Jazz Side: This program includes the styles of Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Jon Hendricks and more.(2) Pop side: An interesting combination of Rhythm & Blues, Rock, Reggae & Rap.

Jazz Taps and Drums

  The masters of tap and rhythm highlighting interesting facts concerning the eras use of the early dance forms and using the music of Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, and Benny Goodman. Styles of heel and toe, the Buck Dance, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson Tap Dance, John Bubbles Syncopated Tap Dance, Baby Lawrence, Master of Close-to-the floor tap virtuosity and Jazz style Be-Bop Drum. Special performance feature "The Little Rhythm Kings", and “The Young Hoofers.”             studyguide_Tap.pdf

Bucket Drums

Rhythmic Musical patterns, Improvisation, Coordination of hands and Movement, Concentration and Collective Interaction..  studyguide_BucketDrums.pdf

Joy of Jazz Violin


Bluegrass music to Carnegie Hall. Strings come alive with the added excitement of Jazz music and the percussive rhythm of the drum. Special performance of the music of Duke Ellington’s Three Suites ”The Nut Cracker.”

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SCIENCE : The World of Gourds Study Guide pdf, Workshop pdf

Reptiles Edventure

Modern Musician In Session:

An up-close question and answer period. learn the craft of musicianship. Discussion will include the musicians role in the orchestra, band, theatre, studio work, computers and electronics. Find out about the music business and the business of music. Discover how to market your craft, how to find work, travel on the road, songwriting and producing. Can be designed for special workshops and after school programs. 

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