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Revels-Bey Music Itinerary



Performance Sites 




 Connecticut: Conn.Rec & Pk Association Guilford, CT Hartford Jazz Fest  Rich Form, Stanford, Conn

 Nassau: LI Arts Council Arty Party · Nassau Regrant Award  Program· Town of Hempstead  Seniors· New Ground/Getting Focused Program, Hempstead  ·  Jackson, Fulton, MS & Prospect ES · Count Down 2000 · Freeport  · Lawrence Rd Jr. HS · Turtle Hook Jr. HS · Oceanside HS · Dexel ES · Westbury Friends School & Westbury Memorial Public Library · Nassau District PTA Showcase · Nassau County Library Showcase · Uniondale Early Childhood Center · Village of Williston Park · Garden City MS, Stewart & Stratford ES · Finley MS, Glen Cove · M. Downing ES & Herber MS Malvern · McVey ES · E. Meadow  · Pt. Washington Library · Merrick Library · Seamans Neck Park, Seaford  · Lido Beach, Long Beach Library · Hicksville Public Library · South Woods MS·  Syossett,  H.B. Thompson MS· Jericho Public Library · Gotham Ave. ES · Elmont, Manor Oak ES · N. Hyde Park · Roosevelt ·  Seniors Center  · Ulysses Byas ES &  HS ·  Freeport HS & Library Freeport · Roslyn Savings Bank · North Bellmore Public Library · MTA LI Bus 25th Celebration · Baldwin, NY School District · Elmont Public Library

New York Lincoln Center · Schomberg Library · Phillipsburg Manor · Sleepyhollow, NY Westchester Arts Council Showcase·  Westchester County PK & Rec. · Hudson River Museum ·  Taconic District PTA· Rye YMCA Saxon Woods Park, White Plains · Pocantico Day Camp, Tarrytown · Lee Jackson School-Greenburg Parks · Camp kanawaqke · Harriman St Park · PACT Showcase, NY · Queensboro Public Library System· East Elmhurst/ Cambria Heights ·South Hollis/Richmond Hill · Elmwood ES, Monsey, NY · M.E.Strang MS,Yorktown Hts · Mt.Kisco Concert Association · Flushing Town Hall, Flushing BOE Project Arts, PS 108, IS 125, CES 327, Queens P 141, Brooklyn PS 305, CIS 219, CES 58x, CES 90, CJHS 145, CIS 303 CIS 4,CES 58,73 Bronx


New Jersey: Teaneck Library, Watchung Arts Center· Arts Center of North New Jersey, Milford


Suffolk: Madonna Hts School · Dix Hills · Babylon Grade School · Babylon · Suffolk PTA Showcase · Wm. Floyd ES · Shirley · Burr IS, Commack · Westbrook ES · W. Islip · J. O' Neill, Mulvey ES, HS·Central Islip · Wm E. Delucia ES, N. Babylon · Macys, Walt Whitman Cultural  Fest. · Southdown ES, Jefferson ES · Flower Hill ES, Washington ES, Huntington Int· Huntington UFSD ·  Northside ES· Farmingdale · Bayport-Blue Point Library · Brentwood Library · Elwood MS, Elwood  Parish Art Museum, Southampton Wyandanch MS&HS · Locust Valley MS · Pt. Jefferson, Jefferson School Oregon MS · Medford Gardiner Manor ES, Bay Shore Tackan ES, Nesconset Nassakeag ES, Setauket. 



219 Residency Program 3630 3rd Ave, Bronx, NY *  P 141 655 Parkside Ave Rm 132 Brooklyn *  Joy of Jazz Violin, Residency program  Hempstead MS, Music Department  70 Greenwich St., Hempstead * CIS 327 350 Gerard Ave Bronx *  Drum Clinic Strafford ES, Strafford St., Garden City co-sponsored Evans Drum Heads.




 Residency Rhythm Kings CIS 327 350 Gerard Ave Bronx * Tribute to MLK Freeport Public Memorial Library Freeport, NY * Elmwood ES, 43 Robert Pitt Dr MonseyNY,*  CES 58 459 E.176 St., Bronx, NY  *  Parish Art Museum 25 Job's lane Southhampton, NY * Finley MS Forrest Ave Glen Cove *  Napoleon Revels-Bey Presents The LI Community Youth Choir under the direction of Nigel Gretton Pt Washington Public Library One Library Dr Pt. Washington, NY * CES 90, Jazz Tap & Drums , 1116 Sheridan Ave., Bronx, NY * Jazz Tap & Drums Hempstead Public Library 115 Nichols Ct. Hempstead, NY  *  Rhythm Kings & Jazz Tap & Drums “Great Migration-Sound and Stories form South to North”. Hudson River MuseumYonkers, NY * CIS 303 Leadership & Community Service 1700 MACOMBS ROAD 5th Fl. Bronx *Residency 2nd grade  Rhythm Kings, (Percussion) CES 90, (5), 1116 Sheridan Ave., Bronx, NY *  Jazz Tap & DrumsCJHS 145, 1000 Teller Ave., Bronx, NY * Joy of Jazz Ocean Ave MS Dogwood Rd.,Northport * Jazz Tap & Drums ResidencyPS 13 Roberto Clemente 557 Pennsylvania Ave, Brooklyn, NY * Rhythm Kings 5 E.W.Bower School Lindenhurst, NY * Oaks School #3 2852 Fortesque Ave., Oceanside, NY * Spring concert Jazz Violin residency  IS 125 Q Woodside 46-02 47 Ave Woodside, NY *  Jazz Tap & Drums, Roosevelt Library 27 W Fulton Ave., Roosevelt, NY * Jazz Tap and Drum Trio Parish Art Museum 25 Job's lane, Southampton, NY * Residency 3rd  grade (Percussion) CES 90, 1116 Sheridan Ave., Bronx, NY *  Rhythm Kings 5, CES 58 459 E.176 St., Bronx, NY * Getting Focused Program, African American Museum, Franklin St., Hempstead * Napoleon Revels-Bey, New Mo Swing Afternoon Jazz Rich Forum-Stanford Center Performing Arts, 307 Atlantic St., Stanford, Conn * Phillipsburg Manor, Sleepyhollow, NY * Jazz Tap and Drums (Trio), M.G.Rhodes ES 270 Washington St, Hempstead, NY *  Jazz Tap and Drum CIS 219, 3630 3rd Ave, Bronx, NY *   “Childrens Jazz & Clave Program, Elmhurst Queensboro Public Library 86-01 Broadway Elmhurst, NY * "Childrens Jazz & Clave Program, Corona Queensboro Public Library, 38-23 104 St. Corona, NY * Rhythm Kings Pt Washington Public Library One Library Dr.,Pt. Washington, NY *  “Childrens Jazz & Clave Program Laurelton Queensboro Public Library 134-26 225 St, Laurelton, NY *  “Childrens Jazz & Clave Program ,Flushing Queensboro Public Library 41-17 Main Street, Flushing, NY * Rhythm Kings, Islip Arts Council, Bayard Cutting Arboretum * Rhythm Kings,  Summer Garden Concert, Flushing Town Hall, 137-35 Northern Blvd, Flushing * “Childrens Jazz & Clave ProgramJackson Heights Queensboro Public Library, Jackson Heights, NY * Rhythm Kings, Celebrating the Moorish Influence Program. Uniondale Library, Uniondale, NY * Revels-Bey Music, Village of Freeport Pool Party, Freeport Rec. * Rhythm Kings (6) Town of Hempstead, Dutch Broadway ParkElmont *Jump UpRye YMCA, (at Osborne School, Camp) 21 Locust Ave., Rye, NY * Suffolk PTA Showcase, Copiague MS * Rhythm Kings 5, Bellport HS, Beaver Dam Road, Brookhaven * Rhythm Kings, Dickinson ES, 120 Dickinson Ave.E. Northport * Rhythm Kings 5, Bellport HS, Beaver Dam Road, Brookhaven *  Rhythm KingsSouth Nassau Unitarian Universalist Congregation Church, 228 S. Ocean Ave., Freeport,




Jazz Taps and Drums ResidencyPaul Roberson HS 150 Albany Ave., Brooklyn, NY * Rhythm Kings ResidencyCES 90, 1116 Sheridan Ave., Bronx, NY * Jazz Violin ResidencyIS 125 Q Woodside, 46-02 47 Ave, Woodside, NY *  Rhythm Kings Residency CIS 22 Jordan L. Mott, 270 E 167th St., Bronx, NY *  Childrens Latin-Jazz Clave, Roosevelt Library, 27 W Fulton Ave.,Roosevelt, NY * Sunday Rhythm Kings, Town of Oyster Bay, NY INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOG, SALTEN HALL, NORTHERN BLVD, OLD WESTBURY Rhythm Kings, Babylon Grade School,169 Park Ave Babylon, NY *  Rhythm Kings CIS 232 1700 Macombs Rd (176 St)Bronx,NY * Jazz Tap & Drums, Westbury Public Library, 445 Jefferson St.,Westbury, NY * Jazz Violin ResidencyIS 125 Q Woodside, 46-02 47 Ave, Woodside, NY *  Rhythm KingsFranklin School, 335 S. Franklin St.Hempstead * Jazz Tap & Drums Bellrose ES, 253 Bellrose Ave.,E.Northport, NY * 10th Annual Nassau Grants for The Arts Awards Ceremony and Reception (LIAC) Freeport Recreation Center, 130 E. Merrick Rd., Freeport, NY *  Rhythm Kings ResidencyJericho ES 34 N.Coleman RdCentereach, NY *  Rhythm Kings ResidencyCJHS 145, 1000 Teller Ave., Bronx, NY *  Rhythm KingsFlushing Town Hall,137-35 Northern Blvd. Flushing * Rhythm Kings ResidencyCES 73 1020 Anderson Ave (164-65)  Bronx, NY * Rhythm Kings, CIS 4 Crotona Pk West, 1701 Fulton St.(173-4)  Bronx, NY *  Rhythm Kings 5CJHS 145, 1000 Teller Ave., Bronx, NY * Jazz Tap & DrumsCES 73 1020 Anderson Ave (164-65)  Bronx, NY * Sat, 17th 1-4pm Getting Focused Program, African American Museum, Franklin St., Hempstead *  Phillipsburg Manor, Sleepyhollow, NY * Rhythm Kings,  Forest Ave ES, 200 Forest Ave.W. Babylon *  Jazz Tap & Drums  CES 58 59 E.176 St., Bronx, NY *  Workshop, performance Rhythm Kings,  Freeport HS, 50 S.Brookside Ave. Freeport, NY * Jazz Violin ResidencyIS 125 Q Woodside, 46-02 47 Ave, Woodside, NY *  Rhythm Kings Workshop, PS 305, 344 Monroe St Brooklyn, NY * Rhythm Kings, South Ocean MS 225 S.Ocean Ave, Patchogue, NY * Rhythm Kings, Howard T Herber MS, 75 Ocean Ave.,Malverne, NY * Jazz Tap and Drums, (small band)  M.G.Vedder ES, 794 Deer Park Ave., N. Babylon, NY * Town of Hempstead, Smith St. Park, Uniondale * Tot-Spot, 201 Debevoise Ave. Roosevelt * Jump Up, Williston Park PoolWilliston Park, NY *  Rhythm Kings Outdoor Concert Series LI Arts Council Freeport, Nautical Mile, 22 Woodcleft Ave, Freeport.



 Town of Hempstead, Hispanic Heritage Month Awards Ceremony * Suffolk Region PTA Showcase N. Babylon HS * CES 42 *Nassau Grants for The Arts, Rhythm Kings: The Moorish Influence in Music, Shelter Rock Public LibraryAlbertsonPS 13 Roberto Clemente, Brooklyn * Ralph Reed JHS Central Islip * First Nite., Greenport * Babylon Grade School * Babylon * IS 125 Q WoodsideBronx schools: CIS 232, CES 55, CES 73, CIS 4 Crotona Pk West, CES 35, CES 58, MS 302 CRUZ MS, CIS 22 Jordan L. Mott , CES 90CES 58, CIS 219, Nassau Grants for The Arts, Rhythm Kings: The Moorish Influence in Music Jericho Public Library, Jericho, * Roosevelt HS * Driftwood Day Camp * Williston Park Pool Party * LI Arts Council Freeport * Waldinger Memorial LibraryValley Stream



Nassau Grants for The Arts Award,"Rhythm Kings: The Moorish Influence in Music", Uniondale Library * Living Art of Gourds Residency CES 90, Bronx, NY * Hofstra Liberty Partnership Program* 21th Century Learning Center ProgramDrum Workshop & Jazz Tap and Drums, Atkinson School, Freeport* KAPPA, 3630 3rd Ave, Bronx,NY* Rhythm Kings-New Mo Swing Concert, Afrikan Poetry Theatre, 176-03 Jamaica Ave., Jamaica, NY *Jazz Tap and Drum Residency CES 35  261 E.163 St .,Bronx, NY*In School Drum workshop, CIS 22 Jordan L.Mott 270 E 167th St, Bronx, NY * After school Musical  Program CIS 232 1700 Macombs Rd.,Bronx, NY * Jazz Vocal  CES 73, 1020 Anderson Ave, Bronx, NY and CES 55 Ben Franklin School, 450 St.Pauls Pl.Bronx, NY * Jazz Tap and Drums, Dickinson ES, 120 Dickinson Ave. East Northport * Rhythm Kings Residency ,MS 219, 3630 3rd Ave, Bronx, NY * Workshop/Residency Drums/Dance  CES 55 Ben Franklin School, 450 St.Pauls Pl.Bronx *Twelve weeks  Steel Pan  Residency CES 90, 1116 Sheridan Ave., Bronx, NY * Rhythm Kings, Ethnic Pen Day. Bay Shore HS 155 3rd Ave, Bay Shore, NY *Percussion and Violin residency. IS 125 Q Woodside 4602 47th Ave.,Woodside, NY 




Jazz Tap and Drum Residency CES 35 .,Bronx, * Rhythm Kings, CIS 22 Jordan L.Mott Bronx,* Rhythm Kings Residency, Northern Parkway ES,  Uniondale, NY* Living with Gourds Workshop/Residency  & Steel Pan Residency CES 90,Bronx * Rhythm Kings, Smith St. School, Uniondale * Jazz, Tap and Drums  PS 007 L.F. Simone,Elmhurst,* Rhythm Kings, Jackson Main School, Hempstead, NY* MS 219 Bronx,* Henry Waldinger Library, Valley Stream * Huntington Arts Council, * Living Art of Gourds Residency, Rhythm Kings Residency, PS 156 Laurelton, M.S. Sherwood ES‘Jump Up”  Islip, NY * Carnaval CES 55 Bronx, NY *  IS 125 Q Woodside, NYPercussion Workshop, * PS / IS 270 Rosedale, NY Percussion Residency, * CES 73, Jump  Up Band, Town of Hempstead Parks and Recreation, Elmont Road Park,Elmont, NY * Jump Up, Williston Park PoolWilliston Park, * “Jacob Lawrence Exibit”, Heckscher Museum Of Art, Huntington, NY, * Rhythm Kings, Hispanic Heritage Program, California Ave School, Uniondale, NY * Celebrating the Heritage of Our Families, PS/IS 156 Laurelton,NY * Rhythm Kings, East Meadow Public Library, *  Franklin School, Hempstead, * E.Quogue ES, E. Quogue * Pinkster School Program, Philipsburg Manor, Sleepy Hollow, NY * Nassau Grants for The Arts Award Program  Jericho Library "Jazz The Living Treasure"                                            




IAJE * Association of  Performing Arts Presenters * Special Percussion Class with 3rd Grade, Jazz Tap and Drum PS 35  ,Bronx, NY *  Six Weeks Living with Gourds Workshop/Residency  PS 90Bronx, NY * Rhythm Kings Residency, PS 73,  Bronx, NY, *  Percussion Residency,IS/ MS 219, Bronx,NY * Rhythm Kings, E.Quogue ES, Quogue,NY *  Living with Gourds Workshop/Residency PS 73, Bronx, NY * Steel Pan Workshop/Residency PS 90, Bronx, NY *  Rhythm Kings Residency PS 036 St.Albans  School, St. Albans, NY *   Reptile Edventures PS 35 .,Bronx, NY * Rhythm Kings Residency Living with Gourds Workshop/Residency PS 35 , Bronx, NY *  Rhythm Kings, Queens Central Library, Jamaica, NY Rhythm Kings Baldwin Public Library, Baldwin, NY * (LCB Grant) Rhythm Kings Samoset MSLake Ronkonkoma, NY., * Living with Gourds Workshop/Residency,Rhythm Kings Workshop/Residency PS 73, Bronx, NY, * Jazz Tap & Drum PS 73, Bronx, NY,  Rhythm Kings , Amityville Public Library,  Amityville, NY. * Carnaval PS 55,Bronx, NY * Jump  Up Band, Town of Hempstead Parks and Recreation, Elmont Road Park,Elmont, NY * Williston Park Pool,Williston ParkNassau Performing Arts Jazz Fest  Freeport Recreation CenterFreeport *  Rhythm Kings, ”Latin Jazz and Jazz as an International Music”. Queens Library-Langston Hughes, Corona, NY * (Professional Development) Bucket Drumming Workshop, Washington Rose ES, Washington Ave Roosevelt,NY * Jazz Improv Convention "Marketing Music In Schools: Jazz as Arts-In-Education" NY Hotel-Manhattan Center *Lunch Club Bucket Drumming Workshop & Six Week,Living with Gourds Workshop/Residency PS 90,  Bronx, NY * Jazz Tap and Drum Workshop/Residency  PS 35. *Jazz Tap and Drum New Rochelle Public Library,,New Rochelle, NY *  Rhythm Kings, ”Latin Jazz and Jazz as an International Music”. CW Post Tilles Center for the Performing Arts * Living with Gourds Workshop/Residency and Rhythm Kings Workshop/Residency, PS 245 Brooklyn, NY * Rhythm Kings, Florence E. Smith Community Center ,Corona, NY * Rhythm Kings, Roosevelt Library, Roosevelt, NY




PS 35 261 E.163 St .,Bronx, NY * Jazz Tap and Drum Workshop/Residency PS 53, 360 East 168 Street, Bronx, NY * Rhythm Kings Residency Washington Rose ES,Washington Ave RooseveltNY *  Contemporary and Blue: The Great Jazz Vocal Songbook” * P754x Jeffrey M. Rapport School for Career Development 470 Jackson Ave Bronx, NY       Drum Bucket Residency * Jazz Sampler project  Washington Rose ES, Washington Ave Roosevelt, NY * Drum Bucket Residency,* PS 73, 1020 Anderson Ave Bronx, NY Living with Gourds Workshop/Residency * Living with Gourds Workshop/Residency PS 036, 187-01 Foch Blvd, St. Albans, NY * Contemporary and Blue: The Great Jazz Vocal Songbook” The Henry Viscardi School, Abilities! 201 I.U. Willets Road  Albertson, NY  * Percussion Residency,  Tap Residency, IS/ MS 219,3630 3rd Ave, Bronx, NY * Contemporary and Blue: The Great Jazz Vocal Songbook Herricks MS, 7 Hilldale Rd. Albertson, NY * Drum Bucket ResidencyWorkshop/Residency PS 90, 1116 Sheridan Ave., Bronx, NY * Living with Gourds Workshop/ResidencyRhythm Kings/Residency PS 73, 1020 Anderson Ave Bronx, NY *Drum Bucket Residency, Jazz Sampler project  Washington Rose ES, Washington Ave Roosevelt, NY * Drum Bucket Residency, Jazz Sampler project Leadership Academy, 113 Glen Cove Rd, Glen Cove * Rhythm Kings/Residency, Living with Gourds Workshop/Residency  PS/IS 156 Laurelton, 229-02 137 Ave. Springfield Gardens, NY * Drum Bucket ResidencyPS 90, 1116 Sheridan Ave., Bronx, NY * Jazz Tap & Drum”, Gribbin ES, 100 Seaman Rd, Glen Cove, NY *  Rhythm Kings,,MS 072 Count Basie School, 133-25 Guy R Brewer Blvd, Jamaica, NY *  Drum Bucket Residency, Jazz Sampler project, Washington Rose ES, Washington Ave Roosevelt, NY * Carnaval, PS 55,450 St. Pauls Pl, Bronx, NY * “Pinkster Celebration” Philipsburg Manor, Historic Hudson Valley, 381 N. Broadway, Sleepy Hollow, NY * Rhythm Kings, PS 333 Museum School (PS60) 888 Rev J A Polite Ave, Bronx, NY * Rhythm Kings, E.Quogue, 6 Central Ave E.Quogue NY *  Living with Gourds Workshop/Residency PS/IS 156 Laurelton, 229-02 137 Ave. Springfield Gardens * Drum Bucket Residency Workshop/Residency   PS 90, 1116 Sheridan Ave., Bronx, NY * “NPA Jazz Fest Honoring Dave Burns, Trumpet-Composer, Frank Able, Uniondale HS Napoleon Revels-Bey Rhythm Kings Ensemble, Uniondale Library 400 Uniondale Ave Uniondale, NY * Rhythm Kings/Residency  PS/IS 156 Laurelton, 229-02 137 Ave. Springfield Gardens, NY * Rhythm Kings/Workshop  Mercy First School, 525 Convent Road. Syosset, * Rhythm Kings/ResidencyPerformance,  PS 270, 233-15 Merrick Blvd, Rosedale, NY * Napoleon Revels-Bey ”Rhythm Kings” Outdoor Concert Series  LI Arts Council Freeport Nautical Mile 22 Woodcrest Ave,Freeport * Napoleon Revels-Bey Rhythm Kings @ Jazzy Jazz Medgar Evers College, 1650 Bedford Ave,/Crown Brooklyn * Sistas’ Place456 Nostrand Ave/Jefferson Ave. Brooklyn, NY “Remembering FESTAC” * Jazz Tap and Drums ResidencyPS 35  261 E.163 St .,Bronx, NY * Rhythm Kings/Workshop  TJ. Lahey ES 625 Pulaski RD Greenlawn, NY





Richmond Hill Library, 118-14 Hillside Ave, Richmond Hill ·

PS 73, Jenkins Orphen Project, Percussion and Dance Residency Bronx · PS 90 Drum Bucket Residency Workshop/Residency,Jazz-Gospel” Choir Residency Bronx, NY · PS 35 Jazz Tap and Drums Residency Bronx, · IS/ MS 219 Tap Residency, Bronx, · PS 251 Special Inauguration Program, Springfield Gardens,·FOTA Glen Cove Alternative HS-Glen Cove Boys & Girls Club,Glen Cove, NY·Ulysses Byas ES, Roosevelt, NY· Oldfield MS, Greenlawn, NY · Roosevelt MS"Contemporary and Blue: The Great Jazz Vocal Songbook"·Citibank New Mo Swing Jazz Brunch,Jamaica, NY· Jazz 966,Brooklyn, NY·Raphael Winery, Peconic, NY · Fota Finley MS Glen Cove, NY·PS 53, 360 East 168 Street Bronx, NY·NYSSMA Adjudicatio · PS 333 Museum School Bronx, NY· Nassau PTA Showcase  Garden City, NY · PS/IS 156 Harlem Renaissance & Ball Room Springfield Gardens, · MS 072 Count Basie School, Jamaica, NY·Philipsburg Manor, Pinkster School Program Sleepy Hollow, NY·PS 181 The Brookfield School, Springfield Gardens·NYC DOE Arts and Cultural Education Services Fair. · SC PTA Showcase · Saxton Middle School Patchogue, NY · Recreational Drumming Celebrating Health and Wellness· California Avenue School, Uniondale Hispanic Council Center Annex, Hempstead  · CNR Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation Long Term and Short Term Rehabilitation Nursing Home Brooklyn · Caroline G. Atkinson School, Freeport · Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc Temple #21 Brooklyn NY The Barack · Obama Elementary School, Hempstead, NY·GREAT NECK ARTS CENTER Bucket Drumming Westbury MS Westbury, NY





* GREAT NECK ARTS CENTER, Westbury Middle School,Westbury, NY *Freeport LIAC Jazz Freeport Recreation CenterFreeport, NY *Flushing Town Hall Parents As Arts Partners Grant,Forest Hills,NY *Contemporary & Blue: The Great Jazz Vocal Songbook N.Babylon Babylon NY
*Hillside Grade School, New Hyde Park, NY *Pt Washington Public Library “Walkin My Baby Back Home,”w/Annette St.John, Radam Schwartz and Ayodele Maakheru *HAMPTON BAYS MS HAMPTON BAYS, NY *Suffolk County Performers Showcase Bellport* California Avenue School, Uniondale, New York 
* 2010 Winterfest, Pindar Vineyards Peconic, N*PS 90 Jazz Choir, Bronx, NY * Jazz Tap Marshall ES, Hempstead, NY * York College Jazz workshop
*Flushing Town Hall, Parents as Art Partners Grant,Springfield Gardens, NY *M. F. Stokes ES Levittown NY *J. Fred Spark ES
Island Trees-Levittown, NY*Suffolk Cooperative Library System Performers Showcase,Bellport,*Henry Waldinger Library, Valley Stream, NY 
*PS 53, Bronx, NY  *PS 333 Museum School Bronx, NY *PS 36 St. Albans School, St. Albans, NY *East Islip Public Library*Centennial School, Roosevelt, NY*MS 072 Count Basie School, Jamaica, NY  *Philipsburg Manor, Pinkster School Program Sleepy Hollow, NY  *Camp Kanawauke Hudson Valley DDSO,Bear Mt, NY*River Fest Jazz and Blues at Dusk, with Annette St.John Yonkers Waterfront Amphitheatre*Sachem Public Library, Holbrook ,NY
“Summer Enrichment Program” St. Matthew’s Community AME Church of Hollis,NY*Islip Arts Council JAZZ FEST 2010, East Islip Public Library,*Hofstra Playhouse “Cabaret” *Washington Rose Elementary School, Roosevelt, NY * NYCHA Symphony Orchestra Aaron Davis Hall


2011 ♫

Washington Rose Elementary, Drum Bucket Residency Roosevelt, NY ** GREAT NECK ARTS CENTER Bucket Drumming Westbury Middle School 455 Rockland Street Westbury, NY **“Lunch time Activity: Jazz Tap ” PS 150 Early Childhood Annex, 41-12 44 Street Sunnyside, NY ** Tap Dance Residency IS/MS 219 New Venture Academy at the Charles Drew Educational Center. 3630 3rd Ave.,Bronx NY ** Dr MLKing Program, MS 145X A.Toscanini School, 1000 Teller Ave, Bronx NY, **Tap Dance Residency IS/MS 219 New Venture Academy at the Charles Drew Educational Center. 3630 3rd Ave.,Bronx NY **Harborfields HS ,98 Taylor Avenue, Greenlawn, NY **“Walkin’ My Baby Back Home,”w/Annette St.John, Radam Schwartz and Ayodele Maakheru. Pt Washington Public Library One Library Dr., Pt. Washington, NY **Community Library Friends of the Arts, Inc. Mastics-Moriches-Shirley Community Library 407 William Floyd Pkwy, Shirley, NY **Bethpage Public Library, Childrens Dept., 47 Powell Ave., Bethpage NY **Cabaret Nassau Community College** Island Trees Memorial MS, 45 South Wantagh Ave., Levittown NY **"Little finger Piano," "Drummin Buckets" Residency, **“Jazz-Gospel” Choir Residency** “ Living and Working with Gourds" Residency PS 90, 1116 Sheridan Ave., Bronx, NY  **Pt Washington Public Library One Library Dr., Pt. Washington, NY 11050 (516) 883-4400 **2010 Artist-in-residence program. Claremont Prep School, 41 Broad St, New York**Special Parents Program Western Suffolk BOCES, ALC SEPTA, 31 Lee Avenue, Wheatley Heights, New York**Ballroom Dance, PS 53 The Basheer Quism School Ballroom Dance **P754 "Drummin Buckets" Residency**Pinkster Celebration Phillipsburg Manor ** Freeport Schools, New Vision ES, 80 Raynor St Freeport ** Dodd MS 25 Pine St.,Freeport NY** Columbus Ave/Early Childhood ES 150 N. Columbus Ave. Freeport NY **Leo F Giblyn ES **CJO MS 72 Catherine & Count Basie School,133-25 Guy R Brewer Blvd.,Jamaica NY ** Suffolk Region PTA Arts-In-Education Showcase **E.Meadow Public Library 1886 Front St., East Meadow NY ** FOR MY SWEET,1103 Fulton St Claver@Classon Ave, Brooklyn NY **Balance Mind Conference "The Arts Education of the Future",Marriott Conference Center,Uniondale, NY


2012 ♫ 

LA Blacksmith Group.The Social Butterfly, 857 Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn NY

 Great Arts Center After-School ProgramWestbury MS,455 Rockland St., Westbury NY 11590

Great Arts Center After-School ProgramC. G. Atkinson School,58 W. Seaman Ave.,Freeport, NY

 Napoleon Revels-Bey Percussion Clincian. Smith Street ES,780 Smith St, Uniondale, NY 11553

 Rhythm Kings “Dizzy-Morocco-Cha-ChaSmith St ES, 780 Smith St @Dale St, Uniondale NY 

New Mo Swing, W/Benito Gonzalez, Bryan Carrott, Vibes and John Benitez, Bass JAZZ 966, 966 Fulton St.,Brooklyn , NYC  NU MO Swing Vocal Trio W/ Eve Cornelious & Oliver Von EssenSt Matthew’s Community A.M.E. Church of Hollis, Café, 203-11 Hollis Ave., Hollis, NY

Pan & Tap, Marshall School,15 East Marshall St., Hempstead NY, Jackson Annex, 380 Jackson St., Hempstead NY, Napoleon Revels-Bey “NU MO Swing” w/Annett St.John Vocal, Radam Swartz Organ and AyodeleMaakher Pt Washington Public Library, 120th anniversary celebration, 1920 – 1930. One Library Drive, Port Washington NY,New Mo Swing Long Island Winterfest, Jazz on the Vine 2012 Raphael Vineyards, 39390 Main Road, Rte. 25, Peconic, NY, PS/IS 156Q Laurelton School 229-02 137 Ave.,Springfield Gardens NY, Countrywood Primary Center, 499 Old Country Rd, Huntington Station,NY,  Jackson Main, 451 Jackson St., Hempstead NY.,  Philipsburg Manor,Historic Hudson Valley,381 N.Broadway, Sleepy Hollow NY.,GNAC Exploring World Cultures Through Music,Belmont ES,108 Barnum St, West Babylon, NY, Thursday June 8th LI Arts Education Grant Rhythm Kings “Al-Andalusia to Dizzy" Freeport School District

Sangria Tapas Bar & Restaurant 9541 Sutphin Blvd, Jamaica, NY.,Smoke Pit 129-21 Merrick Blvd., Queens, NY. MickyMo's, 428 Sunrise Highway, Lynbrook NY 11563

National Seminar For Teaching Artist, Kennedy Center, Washington DC

"Changing Education Through the Arts", Suffolk BOCES AIE "C3 Teaching Artist Collaborative".Camp Kanawauke Hudson Valley ,"Rhythms through Drumming and Reading". New Visions School 80 Raynor St., Freeport NY

The Jazz Family Renaissance Inaugural Concert. Guest Artist James Spaulding, Julian Myers, Napoleon Revels-Bey, Charles Carrington, Kevin Williams, Brooks United Methodist Church, 143-22 109th Ave., Jamaica, NY 

* Monday,November 5,2012 Scorp Birthday Celebration MonthNapoleon Revels-Bey Nu Mo Swing-A la Blakey Bop” For My Sweet, 1103 Fulton St. Brooklyn @ Claver/Classon Gregg Lewis, Bryan Carrott & Ed Jackson,  LENNOX LOUNGE 288 Lenox Ave. New York, NY, CHEZ LUCIENNE REST. LENOX AVE,  New York, NY, Napoleon Revels-Bey “American Heritage Storybook Series: The Golden Global Drum”  Sponsored by Flushing Council on Culture, Alpha Phi Alpha Senior Citizens Center, 220-01 Linden Blvd, Cambria Heights NY, Messiah Concert, St. Pauls United Methodist Church 3714 Ave D, Brooklyn,NY Fordham United Methodist Church, 2543 Marion Ave Bronx, NY, Church of the Incarnation 68 Storms Ave., Jersey City, NJ.



                             2013 ♫

Great Arts Center After-School Program, Westbury MS,455 Rockland St., Westbury NY ,C. G. Atkinson School,58 W. Seaman Ave.,Freeport, NYNapoleon Revels-Bey “NU MO Swing” w/Annett St.John Vocal, Radam Swartz Organ and Ayodele Maakheru Pt Washington Public Library, “My Funny Valentine” One Library Drive, Port Washington NY, “Al-Andalusia to Dizzy" Workshops & Performance North Bablyon MS, 250 Phelps Ln North Babylon NYAl-Andalusia to Dizzy Valley Stream Community Center @ A.J. Henrickson Park, 123 South Central Ave.,Valley Stream, NY ,Al-Andalusia to Dizzy" The Fusion of the Great Migration W.Hempstead Public Library, 252 Chesnut St. W.Hempstead NY, NU MO Swing” Jazz on the Vine BEDELL CELLARS 36225 Main Road (ROUTE 25), Cutchogue, NY “American Heritage Storybook Series:The Golden Global Drum” Bohlsen Sunday Series,East Islip Public Library, 381 Main St.,E.Islip,NY.,  “American Heritage Storybook Series:The Golden Global Drum” “We Hold These Truths…”150th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation. 201A Adams Playhouse, Hofstra University Museum, 
Hempstead, NY, Jazz foundation, Léman Manhattan Preparatory School, 1 Morris St.,New York NY, Storyville, a Jazzy musical of old New Orleans.York Theatre at Saint Peter’s (Citicorp Building, Making Music for the Young At Heart, Funded in part by The Jazz Education Network and Herb Alpert Foundation JAZZ2U Grant.Yes We Can Community Center,141 Garden St., Westbury NY JPMorgan Grant, Rhythm Kings,Health and Wellness Fair,Elmont Public Library, 1735 Hempstead Turnpike, Elmont NY, Balanced Mind Conference XVII, Molloy College, 1000 Hempstead Ave, Rockville Centre NY., ABENY EDUCATION CONFERENCEParents, Educators, and Community-based Organizations, Creating a Culture of Critical Thinkers and Powerful Problem Solvers” FREDERICK DOUGLASS ACADEMY, 149TH Street and Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Boulevard, NYC., NPA DEC Grant, “To B or not to B3”, Roosevelt Library, 27 W Fulton Ave., Roosevelt, NY 


        2014 ♫


Thursday 2:30-5:30PM Great Arts Center After-School Program, C. G. Atkinson School,58 W. Seaman Ave.,Freeport, NY

Ball Room Dance ResidencyFranklin School,335 S.Franklin St.,Hempstead NY 11550-6833

Friday 31,8 & 10 PM “Nu Mo Swing “, Jazz966 966 Fulton St., Brooklyn NY 11233



* Ball Room Dance Residency, Franklin School,335 S.Franklin St.,Hempstead NY 

* Thursday 2:30-5:30PM Great Arts Center After-School Program, C. G. Atkinson School,58 W. Seaman Ave.,Freeport, NY

* Sat Feb 8th 1-3PM Rhythm Kings Valley Stream Community Center @ A.J. Hendrickson Park, 123 W Merrick Rd, Valley Stream, NY                                      

Thur  Feb 20th 1-3PM Napoleon Revels-Bey,Rhythm Kings Workshop Ability School, 75 Knickerbocker Rd., Englewood NJ 

♫ March

* Friday, March 14th, 7:30-8:15pm. Bucket Program Pack 85 Cub Scouts, Our Lady of Peace School, 21 Fowler Ave, Lynbrook, NY

* Thursday 2:30-5:30PM Great Arts Center After-School Program, C. G. Atkinson School,58 W. Seaman Ave.,Freeport, NY

* Ball Room Dance Residency Franklin School,335 S.Franklin St.,Hempstead NY 11550-6833

♫ April  

* Thursday 2:30-5:30PM Great Arts Center After-School Program, C. G. Atkinson School,58 W. Seaman Ave.,Freeport, NY

* Thursday 10th  Ball Room Dance Residency Monday’s Franklin School,335 S.Franklin St.,Hempstead NY 11550-6833

* Tuesday  March 31 to April 28th “Al-Andalusia to Dizzy Drumming Residency" N.Bablyon HS, 1 Phelps Ln North Babylon NY 

♫ May

 * Arts Integration Programs” PS 11 Highbridge 1257 Ogden Ave.,Bronx NY 10452

 * Thursday March 31 to April 28th 2:30-5:30PM Great Arts Center After-School Program, C. G. Atkinson School,58 W. Seaman Ave.,Freeport, NY

♫ June 

* Arts Integration Programs” PS 11 Highbridge 1257 Ogden Ave.,Bronx NY 10452

* Tues-Thur, 5,12,19 2:30-5:30PM Great Arts Center After-School Program, C. G. Atkinson School,58 W. Seaman      Ave.,Freeport, NY

Monday  9th Time: 10 & 1:15 PM Rhythm KingsMarshall Pre-K 15 East Marshall St., Hempstead NY  

Saturday, June 21, 2014, twenty-four years to the date, from 10:00 AM to 12 noon, the people of Brooklyn will commemorate the 24th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s visit to New York City in 1990.  The program will be held at Columbus Park-Borough Hall Plaza near 209 Joralemon Street in the Brooklyn Heights section. This event is free and open to the public.  Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams, Office of South African Consul General-NYC, Rev. Dr. Herb Daughtry, former legislative leader Roger Green, labor unions, youth groups, and other noted anti-apartheid activists are expected to participate.  Cultural activities provided by Eric Frazier, Napoleon Revels-Bey, Jazz Poet-Harold Valle, Soils Tshepo Puoane, Jazz Drummer’s Circle and South African musicians.

  * Thursday 26th 1:00-2:00PM Rhythm Kings (FTH) SPOA Theodora G. Jackson Center92-47 165 St. Jamaica , NY 

 ♫ July & August San Franciso,CA see FB

♫ September

* Tuesday, Sept 9th 6-8PM, CBJC Jazz on Restoration Plaza, 1368 Fulton St., Brooklyn NY Between Marcy Ave & Tompkins Ave, Transit: Fulton St/Marcy Ave

♫ October

Mon 6th 11:15a.m.-11:30a.m Nassau Library Showcase Long Island Children's Museum

Wed, Oct 8th 4:30-7:30  Music & Literacy,the Arts  Huntington Arts Council, 213 Main St, Huntington, NY


 ♫ November

*FTH CASA Program, PS 184, 163-15 21st Road, Whitestone, NY (November 2014 till May 2015)

* PS 11 Bronx In School Dance Project 1257 Ogden Ave., Bronx NY (November 2014 till May 2015)

*Tuesday, 4th 8-3PM BALANCED MIND XVIII  MOLLOY COLLEGE, Rockville Centre

* Sat, 8th 8-2 PM Fall Education Conference, ABENY (Association of Black Educators of New York) Frederick Douglass Academy in Harlem

* Friday 21th 7PM JAZZMOBILE’S 50TH ANNIVERSARY CONCERT-The Sanctuary at FCBC 1912 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd NYC

* Sun. Nov. 23th @ 3 pm "To B or not to B-3 JAzz", w/Radam Swartz & Michel Howell Pt Washington Library, One Library Drive Port Washington NY

 ♫ December 

*FTH CASA Program, PS 184, 163-15 21st Road, Whitestone, NY (November 2014 till May 2015)

* PS 11 Bronx In School Dance Project 1257 Ogden Ave., Bronx NY (November 2014 till May 2015) 

p://                                                                                                                                                                                                                              2015 ♫ 

♫ January

*FTH CASA Program, PS 184, 163-15 21st Road, Whitestone, NY ( till May 2015)

* PS 11 Bronx In School Dance Project 1257 Ogden Ave., Bronx NY (till May 2015)

♫ February  

*FTH CASA Program, PS 184, 163-15 21st Road, Whitestone, NY (till May 2015)

* PS 11 Bronx In School Dance Project 1257 Ogden Ave., Bronx NY (till May 2015) 

* Sat  7th 2:00-3:30 PM Rhythm Kings, Uniondale Library, 400 Uniondale Ave.,Uniondale NY

* Sun 8th 2:30-4:00 PM Rhythm Kings, Freeport Library,144 W.Merrick Rd @Ocean Ave., Freeport NY


*FTH CASA Program, PS 184, 163-15 21st Road, Whitestone, NY (till May 2015)

*PS 11 Bronx In School Dance Project 1257 Ogden Ave., Bronx NY (till May 2015) 

*Friday 13th Gold Coast Public Library, 6:30-8:30PM, Children's and Young Adult Bucket Drumming, 50 Railroad Ave., Glen Head NY  

♫ April