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Brochure and Study Guides

Guiding Principles for the Arts Grades K–12 by David Coleman

Studying the social, political, cultural and economic contexts of works of arts while maintaining an in depth focus on each work, allowing learners deeper understanding of the works of art that includes their connections with other areas of knowledge and in the evolution of the art disciplines.


Standards 1: Learners will engage in individual and group musical and music-related tasks, and will describe the various roles and means of creating, performing, and producing music.

Standards 2: Learners will use traditional instruments, electronic instruments, and a variety of nontraditional sound sources to create and perform music

Standards 3: Learners will demonstrate the capacity to listen to and comment on music. They will relate their critical assertions about music to its aesthetic, structural, acoustic, and psychological qualities.

Standards 4: Learners will develop a performing and listening repertoire of music of various genres, styles, and cultures that represent the peoples of the world and their manifestations in the United States. Learners will recognize the cultural features of a variety of musical compositions and performances and understand the functions of music within the culture. 

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American Heritage Storybook Series: The Golden Global Drum.

For early childhood, young adult and adult learners.

Integrated thru the arts Music, its rhythms, and dance styling are traced and connected using ancient Spain, W.Africa, Caribbean, and early New Orleans, are integrated with literacy using selective biographic, music and dance periods such as, Flamenco, Cha Cha Cha, and Meringue, explore Louis Armstrong, Dizzy, Tito Puente, NYC, and the Harlem Renaissance.



Joy of Jazz Violin

From Bluegrass music to Carnegie Hall. Strings come alive with the added excitement of Jazz music and the percussive rhythm of the drum. Special performance of the music of Duke Ellington’s Three Suites”The Nut Cracker.”

Modern Musician: In Session:

An up-close question and answer period. learn the craft of musicianship. Discussion will include the musician’s role in the orchestra, band, theatre, studio work, computers and electronics. Find out about the music business and the business of music. Discover how to market your craft, how to find work, travel on the road, songwriting and producing. The program is designed workshops after school, Master Class, Professional Development, and Residency.

 Workshop/Residency: Living and Learning with Gourds

Activities of this workshop include Introduction to gourd instruments - hands-on samples of actual instruments. Students will know how the different shapes relate to instruments how to put the beads on a gourd to create an actual instrument called the Shekere. Students will have a basic knowledge of how to play the instrument. Performance standards for Applied Learning: Problem Solving; Communication Tools and Techniques; information Tools and Techniques; Learning and Self-management tools and Techniques; Tools and Techniques for Working with Others  


Since the group's inception in 1986, Revels-Bey Music has taken a very active role in the areas of music education and outreach. Workshops, clinics, teacher development sessions and short term residencies, and after school programs.



RHYTHM KINGS: PERCUSSION DISCUSSION (With an Accent on African, Afro-Cuban, Latin Jazz or Steel Pan-The Shiny Drum) Click the link below

The award winning "Al Andalusia to Dizzy" rhythmic elements of music as they are demonstrated through the different styles from Africa, North & South America and Europe. Choose from our Latin, African of Caribbean Programs. Our program is based on Afro-Cuba music and the styles of Meringue and Cha-Cha, South American Samba, and The African Program, includes Juju and Mozambique with various hand and body drums, homemade instruments, and paper bags. “STEEL PAN-THE SHINY DRUM”. The Caribbean Program features the Steel pan and is inspired by music from the islands like Calypso, Reggae and Limbo.

Joy of Jazz

A history of Jazz Music and its social significance with examples from Ragtime, Dixieland And Swing to Rock and a taste of Rap, Latin, Brazilian and Caribbean sound.

 Contemporary Vocalist

Two Programs to choose from (1) Past eras of singing styles and how they have been incorporated on the years the Jazz Side: This program includes the styles of Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Jon Hendricks and more. (2)  Pop side: An interesting combination of Rhythm & Blues, Rock, Reggae & Rap.

 Jazz Taps & Ballroom Dancing:

The masters of tap and rhythm highlighting interesting facts concerning the eras use of the early dance forms and using the music of Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, and Benny Goodman. Styles of heel and toe, the Buck Dance, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson Tap Dance, John Bubbles Syncopated Tap Dance, Baby Lawrence, and Master of Close-to-the floor tap virtuosity and Jazz style Be-Bop Drum. Special performance feature "The Little Rhythm Kings", and or “The Young Hoofers.”

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